Noble 1.4: The Crazy Escapades of Handsome Noble

While I gave the poll a few days to accumulate some votes, I continued Handsome’s escapades with women meet and greets….mostly for my own amusement. 😀 It was originally meant to just be a little filler chapter with no real progression (at least with women and baby-making) until the poll was over. So this post is basically filled with some fluff and silly things that happened to Handsome in the meantime!

Still in the park and high on a cloud of confidence from winning his first fight, Handsome actually strutted up to a handful of women standing not too far from him and the one walking by….her name was Heavenly. HEAVENLY. Pretty name, but I still had to laugh. Neither of them seemed interested in him and sort of just sauntered past, but he didn’t mind. Nope, he was waaaay too happy. Nothing could burst this bubble. When he spotted a kid playing on the jungle gym, he immediately went over and offered to play as a Sea Monster, but the kid instantly (and I mean instantly) stopped playing and walked away. Humph! Rude. Still, he couldn’t care less if he tried.

Once again, a woman cluster formed and I had Handsome make a run for it. He was too happy and ladies have a tendency to knock him down a few pegs and he was in too good of a mood to spoil it (especially since at least one of them was stomping around angrily, neeevvveerrr a good sign).

Several of the women actually noticed him running past. Most notably the redhead who always bugs him at the gym. I didn’t like the way she was lookin’ at him, not one bit.

But I forgot all about that when I spotted some flowers to harvest not too far away. Naturally she came over for a little chat and I braced myself for bad, bad things.

Weirdly enough, they actually had a pretty pleasant chat. She even gave him a hug….

And then ran away in the middle of their conversation. Not sure what I expected, but it definitely wasn’t that.

And then, Handsome being Handsome decided to put on his friendly face and met someone new. He offered her a smile and a little wave…and all he got back was a look of pure resentment.

PURE. RESENTMENT. Seriously. When I paused the game to take a picture and saw the look on her face, I swear I heard dramatic music in my head….and a quote from Forrest Gump. “Run, Handsome, Run!” Not only does he attract women in droves, but the evil ones seem to be the most predominate! He’s far too weak-willed and easily hurt, so I try to make him run for it whenever I happen upon one. For Handsome’s sake. But they keep finding him! I swear the neighborhood women must have Handsome lowjacked or something?! They seem too well coordinated.

It was kind of weird because all she did was stand there and scowl at him. Not that I was complaining, she can scowl all she wants….it’s when they start taking action that I worry, lol. Handsome decided to sit down on the bench and got comfortable, despite the bad vibes that woman was no doubt throwing his way….when this sad woman walked by. Pretty sure it’s the same Sim that he sat down next to at a bar and she immediately got up and walked away. Lol. So not exactly a nice Sim, but she looked so sad that I decided to have him greet her and try to cheer her up some. If Handsome is anything, it’s funny (or is it funny looking?).

At first, like always, she wasn’t really havin’ it. Or maybe she just felt the daggers of death being glared into the back of her head. Who knows.

But Handsome went for it anyway. He consoled her the best he could and she seemed to perk up some. Whenever I see a sad Sim I always wonder what happened to make them that way. Wish there was a way to find out those kinds of things, lol.

And then apparently felt very, very awkward. She switched from sad to embarrassed, though Handsome didn’t seem to notice. Or care, really.

Then the conversation actually took a turn for the better. It became really pleasant and they seemed to enjoy each others company. Her mood changed to happy. Mission accomplished.

Until it got weird again. Strange faces were made, awkwardness was had…but oddly enough, he got a new friend out of the whole ordeal. Lol.

They both parted ways smiling, Handsome (lol) even sauntered off in a good mood. I swear this is one of the best in-game days he’s had in his life thus far and I was grateful that he was finally happy, at least for a little while. I knew it wouldn’t last, though. It was too good to be true for Handsome who never seems able to catch a break…

I spotted a guy playing chess and nearly had a heart attack. A GUY. You have no idea how rare it is to see a man strolling around. So I wasted no time and made Handsome sit at his chess table. The two chatted for a bit and I was hoping they would start a friendship when…some random girl showed up and apparently forced the guy to get up? Weird! Never seen Sims do that before. Seriously though, this boy can’t escape the womenz.

I had to lol when I noticed him cheating. They always fall for the oldest trick in the book, “Look, a dancing Llama!” “Where?” *switches chess pieces in his favor* Yep. Always fall for it.

This guy must’ve been watching because he got mad and glared menacingly in Handsome’s direction. 😦 I love how Sims respond to what’s going on around them, even if this particular Sim had a negative reaction…but judging by the look on his face, I knew bad things were coming Handsome’s way.

Then, of course, he started yelling at him. The girl across from Handsome just sort of hung her head as the angry guy stomped off. Can’t. Catch. A. Break. I swear it. Over react, much? It’s just a chess game, seriously people!

Naturally that argument put Handsome in a bad mood and he started slamming chess pieces down and made a few menacing faces of his own. I was sad, Handsome was ticked off and when I had him leave the area, he stomped off and kicked over a few trash cans. And to think, he’d been so happy barely a sim-hour earlier.. poor thing.

I had Handsome leave and as he was walking towards a fishing spot, I happened to notice these two talking. The guy was trying to flirt with the girl, who didn’t look very happy. Apparently Handsome isn’t the only Sim in town that’s bad with women! Lol.

He was trying to catch a few frogs when I happened to pause the game at just the right moment. These pictures were far too amusing for me not to include them, lololol.

He spent the rest of the night fishing and when morning finally came around, he met another new woman in town. Who uh, seemed alarmed by his attention.

Turns out she was a Slob and after watching her scarf down some hot dogs, Handsome really wasn’t hungry anymore. What a mess!

Another women cluster formed, except this time Waders was there. Woo! While he wasn’t angry anymore, he was still feeling the affects from the night before and really needed a friend to talk to…and not a bunch of random, judgmental women he didn’t know. Handsome tossed out a flirt and Waders looked really sheepish, probably because all the other women were watching, haha.

Another awkward encounter was had….she insulted him and he ran away. She apparently thought that was funny. 😦

And another rage-fueled one….poor Handsome! So few women can actually tolerate him, lol.

Finally! A kid who appreciated Handsome’s sea monster! His eyes make it extra scary…

So, I thought this was funny. Some random woman waddled into the bathroom, saw Handsome standing there and waddled right back out. I followed her out of morbid curiosity and watched her continue to waddle all the way down to the other side of the lot until she crossed the street and disappeared. Handsome is apparently scary everywhere, but especially bathrooms since she risked peeing her pants just to get away from him. Good grief, lol.

A little later that day, Handsome got an invite to a party one of his friends was throwing. It was his first party so I figured, eh, why not? So I sent him down and whaddya know, another women cluster. His friend almost seemed annoyed that he even bothered to show up. Guess this was also Handsome’s first pity invite?

He knocked on the door and guess what? Even more women were inside! Not a single man in sight.

He didn’t recognize a few of the women, so he offered a few greetings which, in typical Handsome-fashion, didn’t go so well.

Seems like Handsome had his eye on the lady-clown, who….also….wasn’t having any of it.

Then Handsome got a little *too* comfortable at his friend’s house and actually took a shower. Poor lady-clown picked a bad time to have to use the bathroom and looked pretty scarred by what she had just witnessed. Can’t say that I blame her!

Figuring that was as good a time as any to head home (so not to scar any other unsuspecting Sims…), as Handsome was leaving the lot I noticed Layla was jogging on after him in a typical stalker-like fashion…and when his home lot loaded, guess who was standing at his mailbox?

In her pajamas and bunny slippers, to boot. This Sim is buckets of crazy, and I love her for it!


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