Noble 1.2: Looking for love in all the wrong places

So…I send Handsome (lol) out for a morning jog almost every morning in an effort to gain some muscle…or….something. I mean, c’mon, look at the guy. He’s skin and bones! Every time I see his skinny little legs, I just want to feed him cheeseburgers. If he’s isn’t stuffing his face with food, he’s down at the gym or jogging somewhere. But none of it seems to make much of a difference, at least…..not yet. But I’m going to keep trying!

After he got home from work, he rolled a whim to become friends with Layla Craig. You may not remember, but in the first chapter she yelled at him when he was trying to fish (in the white paint splattered shirt) so I was a little flabbergasted as to why he’d want to buddy up to her. But he wanted it, so I figured eh, why not? I called her over and she showed up all hunched over and mopey-faced. He didn’t seem too thrilled by her saddened state…..he’d been having such a good morning up until then.

He tried to cheer her up, but all that did was make them both sad. Look at that face! His lip quivered and everything. It was so heartbreaking. Talk about bringing a good guy down. Darn that whim.

They talked for a few seconds and then out of nowhere Layla’s emotion completely changed. She got mad. Really, really mad and began picking a fight with Handsome, which….in turn….made Handsome mad. Pretty furious, actually. They started fighting and I quickly decided to butt in and try to steer the conversation to a happy place, but it didn’t matter what social I chose…it all ended on a sour note.

Until finally they both calmed down and sat on his bed. Things were okay for a few minutes until she yelled at him again. Really? REALLY? I kicked her out of his sandbox so he could enjoy his fruit loops in peace. Apparently Layla has the Insane trait, but I’m not sure if that’s the case of her hot/cold emotion or not? I haven’t played an Insane Sim in S4 yet, so I wouldn’t know. But I was just as mad as Handsome (lol) felt at this point. They’d had maybe 25% green until all the fighting and it then plummeted to like 3% or something. Ugh. So close and yet so very, very far.

I sent him to the gym to work off some steam and this lady showed up and wouldn’t leave the poor guy alone. Seriously ladies, go away! They are still everywhere in crazy women clusters all around him, but since it was an odd hour there was only this one for a while. Surprisingly she mentored him and their friendship turned out to be pretty good.

Then I happened to glance in a mirror and saw this happen. But when I panned the screen around to actually face them, they were fine. Weird bugs are weird.

After working out for a while and calming himself down from boiling rage, I sent him out for a drink. Clearly it was senior citizen night. The only people that showed up were elderly women (no elderly men in sight, what is it with Handsome and women clusters?). Anyway, after seeing how Handsome watched this elderly lady walk by I figured, heeey….why not? Maybe he’ll have better luck wooing someone older….but after realizing how grumpy she looked, I feared for his safety.

The only young people in the bar were the comic and the bartender. Since the comic was busy (bombing) Handsome ordered a drink but the bartender didn’t look too impressed or even thrilled that he was there. Talk about a dirty look. I tried to rectify the situation, since Handsome needed a friend….but all he managed to do was make matters worse and impale himself on the drink shelf.

Then out of nowhere he dropped and gave everyone in the room 20. Not sure who he was trying to impress, but it didn’t work.

It took a while, but Handsome (lol) finally had enough money to buy a garbage can and a table and chairs with an art easel. In Winklecheeks, the easel turned out to be a great cash flow resource, so I figured it was best to start Handsome painting early. And while I was lining the screen up for the shot, I finally realized that Handsome is (gasp) bald! OMG. SCARY. HE LOOKS LIKE CHARLIE BROWN! OR POPEYE! >.> It’s okay Handsome, we still love you.

Much like my Donny Winklecheeks, Handsome has also apparently developed a stalker or two. This lady is the scary one from the gym in the first chapter and she’s shown up at his sandbox almost every Sim day since. She’s really scary. And she’s always there. The second picture is clearly his stalker spidey senses tingling. Even when he can’t see her, he knows she’s there. See! This is why he needs a front door! You know, to hide behind from terrifying body builder stalkers that glare menacingly at him all day.

With the whim to befriend Layla still there, when I saw her walk by his place one day I had him stop her for a conversation to try and see how it would go. This was her last chance as far as I was concerned…and it didn’t seem to go well at first. While she seemed happy, he quickly donned a sadface. Don’t look at me, dude! You’re the one that wanted her to be your friend! You brought this on yourself. :S

It wasn’t good. Clearly this whim was going to be more trouble than it was worth. But for some reason I was determined to make it work. And after a little while, it actually began going….well. The next time he invited her over, they were friends. Whew! Never had to work that hard for a Sim friendship in any game before! I dunno, felt like I actually earned that one. Lol.

Apparently while she was visiting, Layla took out his trash but instead of actually putting it INTO the bin, she dropped it right beside the can in a big pile of gross. And it sprouted. LOL.

Women are still marching by his sandbox in a never ending conga line, but when I see body building stalker I always want to have him run for it and hide until she goes away. You know, like a man! Thank god she doesn’t just wander into his little abode. She stands by the mail box waiting for him to say something, but he never does. Hence her sadface. Seriously, that woman could bench press his scrawny little body like it was nothing. So scurry! Too bad her face is pretty.

In an effort to avoid his stalker, I send him down to the bar pretty regularly to try and keep his fun meter green and happy (he becomes tense very easily after work). He dances a looooot and when I saw a pretty lady (from the park, the one who was crying in the first chapter, number 7: Adrienne Caruso) walk towards him, I had Handsome (lol) invite her to dance. But she took one look at him and stalked off. And then for some reason changed her mind and came back. Handsome got his groove on!

They danced for hours until I sent him to the bar to buy some drinks. A redhead sat between them (rude) and the conversation took a turn for the worse. She hated him instantly and all she did was pick on him until he gave up and went home. Poor bby. (Again, only women around!)

Ugh. He was so unhappy when he got home. All he could do was sigh, lip quiver and make the saddest faces imaginable at me. Probably expecting me to make it all better. :S I don’t know why women don’t like you, Handsome. *Pets* He’s been so miserable the last few Sim days, all of which had to do with a girl. They need to stop being so mean to him! This boy needs a good woman, pronto.

He was so dejected that he actually called the Sadness Hotline. My poor little thing. I didn’t even know there *was* a sadness hotline. All the good it did him, he was still sad after he hung up. That fiery redhead sure did a number on him.

The next day he was still down in the dumps. After his morning shower I had him change into his pajamas and figured I’d let him stay in and paint in the hopes that he wouldn’t have to deal with women for a full 24 hours.

Apparently I forgot the flock of women that wander past his mailbox every day. When Layla sulked past, I couldn’t just let her walk by unnoticed. She might be looney toons but they were still friends (she was pretty much his only friend at this point) and she looked so forlorn that I decided to risk it. (GOOD GOD THAT WOMAN’S LEGS.)

All I clicked was “Invite In” and Handsome took the wheel from there. He tried to make her feel better, even though he himself was feeling dismal. What a trooper, right? Putting her need above his own? I was so puffy-chest proud of him, lol.

While her sadness went away, the look on her face made it seem like she didn’t know what to make of him and his kindness. Or maybe she was just staring at those bigass ears. They are so mesmerizing. And that bald head of his looks kinda shiny…

Admit it, his ears are captivating. It’s like a car wreck, I know I should look away…..but I just can’t. Pretty sure she’s only now realizing he’s A) Bald and B) has ears Dumbo would even be jealous over. Seriously, I could use that boy as a satellite dish.

He started making her dinner (he can only make 3 things since he doesn’t have a stove or a microwave, lol) Then she yelled at him. Again. Probably making fun of his pre-mature baldness and the planets on the side of his head. Remarkably enough, neither of them grew angry. Layla cracked a joke and all was once again right with the world. I wish I understood this wonky relationship. I really, really do.

The next morning he rolled a whim to talk about color theory at the museum. He’s been painting like a fiend (he was level 4 by this point) and apparently wanted to discuss art with fellow like-minded individuals. Whatever, I figured it was easy enough and sent him on his merry way. Naturally the second he gets there the lot is full of women. EVERY SINGLE TIME. WHY? I guess it’s not a bad thing, but it’s just bizarre. Lol. Anyway, I spotted the redhead, Deja, and started to panic. He was so miserable for two sim days after their spat and I wanted to avoid round two if I could. Buuut, there was a ray of hope. Not only was Layla there, but so was waders! Her real name is Teagan Draper, but I like waders, lol. I love how she’s looking at him in that pic.

Handsome (lol) struck up a conversation with Layla and I was glad she wasn’t so gloomy that day. I can’t tell you how many times she’s wandered past the lot with a sad look on her face. Soo. Many. Times. But today she seemed happy and even gave Handsome a big hug. I’d like to think it was because he was so nice to her the night before, but I digress. πŸ˜€

They even took a selfie, which was completely adorable….even though they got photo-bombed by that guy. After they were done being BFFs and Layla wandered off somewhere, I realized I lost sight of waders and looked all over the lot for her. Since she was there….and since she’d gotten so many votes (so far) in the poll, I thought I’d try and start their relationship and see how far I could get it with minimal effort. Just to see how they get on, or if she’d get sick of him like most (ie: all but one, apparently) of the others. They got on so well before that I figured it really wouldn’t be a problem, but you never know with Handsome. Him talking to a girl is like rush and roulette. >.<

By the time I found her she was in the middle of a conversation with some redhead and it didn’t seem to be going well. Teagan was embarrassed and looked like she was trying to locate the fire exit for a quick getaway. Her eyes screamed “HELP ME.” I felt for her, lol.

He definitely rescued her, because seconds after the redhead walked away and Handsome started talking to her, Teagan’s mood changed to Happy. πŸ˜€ Yay. She likes him! lol.

For his aspiration he needed to catch 10 fish and fish at 5 different locations. He already had 7/10 and 3/5 and there was a small pond in the park that he hadn’t fished at yet. So that was his next destination and whaddya know, Layla was there. Stalker number two, maybe? Seems like she’s everywhere he goes lately.

Once again a gaggle formed very close to where Handsome was standing and while I was planning his escape route I noticed waders was standing among them. I immediately had him go say hello!

He told and joke and she seemed into it, which was a really good sign since most sim’s apparently don’t understand his sense of humor (most of his jokes fail 90% of the time lol).

Some guy sat next to them and ruined their privacy but it didn’t seem like either really noticed him. πŸ˜‰

She even accepted a hug from him. All in all, their friendship was shaping up to be a really good one. Thankfully. I have high hopes for these two, I really do. She’s one of the few women who doesn’t give him lip and seemingly (genuinely) likes him. Trust me. It’s rare. Teagan is literally the nicest person he knows.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile so big. Both of them are all teeth whenever they are talking, it’s so completely adorable. They really seem to love each others company.

I guess that’s what made me cocky. I had him toss out a flirt to see if she’d be into it….but she laughed. Nicely. But she still laughed. Poor thing. Though oddly enough, he didn’t seem to mind.

So of course I thought…what the hell? Let’s try again! ….. Nope.

Naturally after being rejected twice I figured one more time couldn’t hurt. I’m not even entirely sure what happened after that flirt. Kinda looks like she had an aneurysm or a seizure or something. LOL. I can’t tell if she likes it or not! Ahhh! Mixed and very confusing signals!

I don’t have two photos of this situation but it was too funny NOT to post. It almost looks like that guy is reaching for his man spot and Handsome is covering himself protectively. In truth, that man was warming himself by the fireplace and Handsome was doing the peepee dance. But it’s still hilarious, right?

Let’s talk about two paintings he made recently. The first one he painted after he came back from the park with Teagan and was feeling flirty. LOL So cute right? The second one….is the freezer bunny hiding in a forest. Enough said.

That night I sent him to the local bar, which was deserted. He needed to get to level 2 of mixology for his promotion so I made him tend bar in case anyone walked in. The second I did that, the bar started swarming with people. Naturally, right? Guh!

Handsome (lol) struggled. A lot. He had zero points in mixology, so he only knew how to make one drink. Over and over again….but at least Bob Pancake, who is the usual bartender, was there to cheer him on.

Naturally the girl with the funky hairstyle decided to pick on him while he was making her drink. I secretly hope he spit in it. πŸ˜€ He didn’t even know her and their relationship started in the red zone. Nice ladies, really. But then in walked waders, and I figured the night wasn’t a total loss.

Up until Teagan walked in, he hadn’t messed up a single drink. Everything was poured nicely, no mishaps…and then suddenly he was off his game. He started throwing ice cubes into the shaker and missed….a lot.

Then apparently he tried to show off for her or something by waving around the shaker and the bottle, only to drop said bottle into said shaker like a big, gigantic derp. And not just once, either.

Every drink he made after her appearance must not have been very good, judging by the faces he made after finishing each one. Yikes.

The two of them talked while he mixed drinks until the herd thinned out, wweeeellll into the morning. I don’t think they left until after 5am.

She must’ve been telling him a really impressive story judging by those faces. Or maybe she was just really, really drunk. By this point she’d already downed quite a few, lol.

Handsome finally took a break after hours stuck behind the bar and everything seemed fine…

Until out of nowhere they started fighting. Their first argument! Nooooo. *Echo echo…* Handsome must’ve done or said something stupid because the option to apologize came up, but uhh…the fight in and of itself was a little awkward considering their placement. Lol. Her arm kept going through his chest…omg, their faces though.

She stalked off in a huff and I of course made Handsome run after her. For once, the fight was his fault and he needed to fix it.

After he caught up to her and I clicked “Apologize” I left it up to Handsome to mend their friendship. It hadn’t taken a very big hit, but still. They weren’t even halfway through the bar yet and every little bit counts. Right after he finished apologizing, he gave her a big hug. It was so sweet. (Why do my really nice images always get photobombed by random simmies?)

Then they just stood there, smiling at each other for a long time while I waited for them to do something…

And out of nowhere they started flirting with each other. I’m not sure who initiated it (kinda looks like she did, judging by the googoo eyes she’s making at him) but I was pretty over joyed when she (finally) became receptive to it.

Reaalllly receptive. Yeah, I definitely think a relationship for these two is on the horizon.


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