Noble 1.1: Breed Out the Ugly!

Today I randomly decided I wanted to start another legacy (even though I’m still behind on Winklecheeks)….but after seeing this Sim in a thread, I had to download him. His ugliness is borderline adorable and I just couldn’t resist in the end. I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I should actually make him a Legacy sim or just a random one I play when the mood strikes me. I’ve never tried an uglacies challenge, nor have I ever attempted to “Breed out the Ugly” lol. I’m terrified of what kind of equally terrifying kids he may produce, but I’m going to give it a shot anyway for shits and giggles.

His name is Handsome Noble (lol) and his traits are: Clumsy, Good and Self Assured. His aspiration is Angler (Angling Ace). He’s made by BrandyDA3 (origin ID: Lioness81383) if anyone wants to look him up!

So, I of course start him off on the lawn. Again. I swear I can’t escape the blasted lawn (or…sand, in Oasis Spring’s case?)! He has barely 100 simoleons to his name. Ugh, starting brand new Sims is such a pain, lol. I miss walls again. 😦

The first thing I have him do is secure himself a job. Since his aspiration involves fishing, I figured the Culinary Arts might be the best fit, at least for now. Not sure why (might be the outfit) but I can just picture him gardening on his farm, so that’s what I’m going to work towards. Building this poor, ugly son of a gun his own little farm. Eventually.

Seriously….this guy. I don’t even. Look at those eyes! You couldn’t see his eyes in the thread where I discovered him…and the gallery is too small to notice. I didn’t see his freakish eyes until I loaded him in CAS and was startled, to say the least. Watch that be the one thing each of his kids inherit just to spite me! WATCH. Yeeep, I predict lots and lots of sunglasses in Handsome’s (lol) future.

First thing I did after getting his sandbox situated was send Handsome (lol) to the gym. Lord knows he needs to bulk up or put on some pounds. I mean, look at the guy! Beyond terrifying! He has Madonna arms, that alone is enough reason to stuff his face with cheeseburgers!! While he was there, that scary woman decided to mentor him and yelled at him the entire time. She was actually far scarier than my own Sim. Sooo full of rage. Apparently the gym was a good call though, because the women and potential baby momma’s were abundant.

And then out of the corner of my eye, while Handsome (lol) was working out, some guy next to him ate some serious treadmill mat and then, of course, Handsome followed suit. Apparently falling on your face is contagious. I was going to have him flirt with the pretty blonde beside him, but after he bounced his head on the treadmill like a basketball, she walked off. Can’t say that I blame her. >.<

After that debacle, I decided to send him outside for a little jog before sending him to the park to fish. At least that was the plan, but for some reason Handsome (lol, never gets old) attracts Sims (especially the ladies) in droves and they all tend to crowd around him like some really strange mosh pit. Poor Don is trying to pass and the girls won’t let him. Apparently Handsome is far more interesting! Who knew!

Poor Handsome needs to start makin’ babies early, considering he might not pop out any cute ones, I’ll have to cycle through a few kids I’m sure before picking an heir, lol. He began talking to the girl in the cute little bob when this happened. Lots of lols were had on my part, because from where I was sitting, I swear it looked like he was begging her not to leave. “I’M NOT THAT SCARY, HONEST! …..LET ME LOVE YOU!” Travis looked amused.

And then who happened to walk by? None other than Bella Goth. I was pretty darn excited because if anyone could make pretty babies, it was her….right? I immediately made Handsome leave of the mosh pit of womenfolk and he ran over to Bella before she could squeak by. He waved happily, offering her a cheerful greeting and she just sort of mumbled a hello and stared at him, like she couldn’t believe he was talking to her and what happened next had me rolling.

This was literally her reaction when he attempted to start a conversation with her. I couldn’t believe it, I was laughing so hard.

Poor Handsome tried to be sweet and funny, but Bella wasn’t amused.

Trying to put that horrible encounter behind him, I sent Handsome to the nearest bar to drink away his sorrows. Naturally a beautiful woman sits beside him and the second photo was his reaction.

He attempted to strike up a conversation and…..yeah. She, too, was not amused.

Poor, poor bby. He rolled a whim to fish so I figured he could use some alone time (especially time away from women who enjoy rejecting him) and had him travel to a place with a little pond for some rest and relaxation.

Until they started showing up. Women! Everywhere!

He couldn’t escape them! It was a gaggle! A gaggle of women! No men walked by, no little old ladies….just eligible women! And they all, literally, stopped right where he was fishing! There was a park —-> that way, full of chess tables and god knows what else, but they all thought that cozy little fishing spot was a perfect place to stand and do nothing. But stand. (Good god almighty, look at his legs! *shudder*)

Finally a man walked by, only I saw out of the corner of my eye that he was yelling at some random woman and made her all mopey. (Whoooa look at Poison Ivy in the background. That’s quite a look. :S )

In an effort to escape the women!GAGGLE I had Handsome run over to her to try and cheer her up…because of…..reasons. Anyway, once they started talking (and actually kind of hit it off) a bunch of other women wandering around the lot decided to make their private conversation a group one.

One of the women who decided to join the fun decided pretty instantly that she, as well as many, many women before her….was not amused.

Then some other chick mocked him like a three year old. Seriously, ladies? All he’s doing is talking! Handsome must be pretty offensive or just really, really ugly. Maybe his face is offensive? Poor dear.

AHH! A GIGANTIC PIXELATED BEE FLEW AT THE SCREEN! Anyone else constantly seeing stuff fly at you when playing? Happens to me alllll the time. Startles me each and every time, too. Also…what the heck is that? It looks like seaweed but…he’s at a pond…?

And then he caught his very first fish. It’s so….little. It’s not even little, it’s wittle. Lol. He looks so proud of himself, though. Might have to mount that one if he can ever actually afford the walls he’d need to put it on.

Seconds later Bella stomped by in her formal wear. Whoa, snazzy duds for 3am at a park in the middle of a desert. Still, I was worried she’d march over to him and pick a fight or something (and Handsome would lose, he’s like 1% body fat), but she just walked by very, very angrily. Wonder what happened to make her so peeved…

He caught another fish and I was pretty stoked since I think I got a picture of it jumping out of the water before he actually caught it. Not sure why, but that’s awesome. Lol.

And then, of course, more women showed up and interrupted his fishing.

Naturally the one in the middle didn’t like something Handsome said and decided to yell at him. My god, he can’t catch a break!

Figuring that was the last straw for poor Handsome, I sent him to the sandbox for the night. The next morning I sent him back to the park to squeeze in a little bit of fishing before his first day of work and he met this lady. Amazingly enough, they hit it off right away. No awkward conversations, no yelling, no mocking. Just pleasantries.

And then Poison Ivy walked by and decided to join the conversation. I was happy over that because she’d walked by so fast the first time I saw her, that Handsome hadn’t been able to meet her.

And right as he was getting ready to leave for work, more and more women showed up. Though from the looks of it, Handsome didn’t seem to mind. 😀


7 thoughts on “Noble 1.1: Breed Out the Ugly!

  1. Can’t wait to see how Er..unique his babies will look. I found myself hoping that several of the prettier ladies would be ‘the one’, but they’re all pretty mean. :/ Keep writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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