Winklecheek 1.3: A Labor of Love

In an effort to catch up in chapters to where I actually am in-game, here is chapter 3! He’s still dirt poor….though I guess now I should say they are still dirt poor….and I know saving up enough money to buy walls is going to take some time, but I’m determined to get them off the grass! I really hate the grass. Also excuse the poor lighting on some photos, they can’t afford too many light fixtures yet….

Once they were married, both Donny and Zoe returned to their little lawn. I managed to buy a bigger bed and an art easel. Too bad those two items tapped Donny out and they only had about 200 simoleons left to their name. *Arm flail* It feels like they will never get off this lawn! Lol. I had Zoe sign up for a job in the painting career. Figured since they had an art easel, that it would be the best fit for her right now. Her first level title is Palette Cleaner. Her traits are Cheerful, Goofball and Clumsy. Not too bad, right? I was expecting a lot worse (even though I already knew all of them from Get to Know, but still).

For the next few sim days, all they did was sleep, eat and try to skill up a little bit. Zoe of course came with virtually no skills at all, so I had a lot of work ahead of me and very few ways to accomplish any of it with what little they had. They couldn’t even afford a bookshelf yet. Their bills also skyrocketed from before…$734, so much for walls.

So I sent both to the library as often as I possibly could, trying to get them at least a handful of points in a few basic skills, like cooking. Both of them are horrible cooks and I knew that needed to change, especially once they start a family. So I got them crackin’. Kinda wish the library had more skill books..

I’ve also just realized that Donny has received a couple of job promotions and I completely forgot to mention any of them. Derp. Amateur Entertainer, Open Mic Speaker and he is currently a C-Lister. He makes $40 an hour. Open Mic Speaker was pretty easy since all he really needed was four friends, and Donny is really sociable, especially because he knows so many women, haha. But I got them painting as quickly as I could and that actually became a really good source of income for them. So if they had any time to spare, one of them was always painting. Always. Does Zoe take enough naps or what? :S

In order to gain his next promotion, Donny needed to have level three Guitar skill. Naturally. The bar only has a piano, so I decided that might be the best way for him to earn enough money in order to buy a guitar. And of course he gets plenty of people to dance to his music, but hardly any every tip him. I dunno, seems pretty realistic to me. Lol.

After countless paintings and puny tips, I finally managed to build a couple of walls. Granted it was only two complete rooms with one door and no roof, but it was a start. I decided to keep them on the lawn until I could build a little bit more, but everyday after work Donny could walk inside his unfinished house and smile pretty wide. It was pretty hilarious, especially considering Zoe never did that.

Their lives were full of painting and trips to the bar in order to earn some extra cash, which almost always ended in disaster because I’d force him to sit there all day. Lolz.

Slowly but surely I ended up building their first house, which wasn’t anything amazing. I don’t build. I’ve never built a single Sims house that I liked in any of the versions, but this one turned out okay….at least for the moment. Honestly, I was just happy to have walls. You don’t realize just how much you miss them until you don’t have any anymore!

Since I’ve had both Zoe and Donny painting like crazy people, I kept a bunch in order to decorate the walls because….well…they couldn’t afford any of the ones in buy mode. Their bedroom had the most paintings in it and Donny has this weird habit of running into that room and just staring at the wall. For hours. He doesn’t leave until he really has to pee or I force him to do something else (as you can see by his orange plumbob). Crazy Donny is crazy.

Another weird habit he’s developed is waking up in the middle of the night to grab some orange juice from the bridge. Then he goes back to bed…and he’s not even hungry. DOES ANYONE ELSE LOVE THE FREEZER BUNNY IN THE FRIDGE? I fangirled a little when I noticed it the first time. That’s sad though, right? :S

And of course everything breaks constantly, especially now that they have a few more items to break. I can’t remember how they got that stereo, it was a reward for something…but the instant I put it down and turned it on, it broke. Naturally. While things don’t break as often as they did the first week the game came out….this house is constantly flooded or filled with smoke. It’s driving me nuts! Apparently Zoe isn’t too crazy about it, either.

So….Zoe’s pregnant. I forgot to take a picture of her when she took the test, but she is the worst pregnant Sim I’ve had by far. I know their needs dip faster than usual when they have a bun in the oven, but her needs are pure insanity. She’s almost constantly frowning, almost always has an orange plumbob and is forced to take even more random cat naps just so she doesn’t drop from exhaustion. I can usually manage their moods and their motives pretty easily, but preggers!ZOE is all over the map.

She also has a tendency to wake up at random inter-voles to tell me she has to pee. And then just stands there complaining until I direct her to the bathroom. And then she naps some more. I swear it’s like that’s all she does these days!

Her back is also constantly sore….and I only know this because she whines at every available opportunity. I have her take plenty of bubble baths but apparently that doesn’t help. My god, she is the whiniest Sim I’ve ever had.

Donny (on his own) gives her plenty of massages but even that proves to be only a temporarily solution to the problem. My god, this sim. AND LOOK A THAT ROCK ON HER FINGER. I swear it looks bigger every time I see it.

Donny is such a tickle monster. He tickles her whenever she isn’t feeling well. It’s just downright adorable. I love how proactive sims in 4 feel in comparison to 3.

In the Sims 3….I always had to direct my Sims to do anything romantic with each other after they were married, or they never would. In 4….I dunno, I barely control them at all and they flirt until the cows come home. I love that. Not sure if these two are just super-flirty or if it’s normal (I haven’t paid as much attention with my other households) but they can’t keep their hands off of each other most of the time. Ahh, newlyweds. At least they have a couch they can snuggle on now. :S

Zoe, Zoe, Zoe. I don’t even know. One minute she’s super excited about something, then she passes out mid-conversation…pretty sure Donny hasn’t noticed…typical guy, right? Zones out during conversations…

She suddenly wakes up, looking miserable and Donny doesn’t even care.

Then they start flirting again, only it’s hilarious because they aren’t even looking at each other? I don’t get it!

Regardless of Zoe’s crazy pregnancy antics, Donny is super excited to have their first baby and he’s almost constantly rubbing her belly whenever she waddles by him.

It’s kinda funny how in S4…when the Sim goes into labor, they can walk around and do normal stuff for ages and it doesn’t even matter. More realistic, sure, but if I don’t send them to the hospital pretty quick I have a tendency to get caught up in their motives and forget, lol. So once that window triggered, I made poor, exhausted Zoe wake up. Donny was standing at the end of the bed like “Are we going or what?” As usual, Zoe put on her frowny-preggers face and got dressed. Most miserable pregnant sim ever.

And then one of the most hilarious things happened. Most Dad “freakouts” for me generally last a few seconds and then they go back to normal (or the dad’s miss it completely and freak out later when the baby is already home), but Donny…..haha. He waved his arms all the way from the bedroom, out the front door and to the street.

He did the “daddy panic” dance the whole way (not that it’s far, but still). Zoe was fine, but still miserable. Good god, I’m so tired of the frowns! Be happy, woman! Baby incoming!

I didn’t miss this confetti! Yay. Lol. Seriously though, this is her first smile (minus the tickle attacks) since she first realized she was pregnant. Hopefully Debbie-downer will cheer up a little since she doesn’t have to deal with the crazy roller-coaster of pregnancy motives anymore. (Fingers crossed)

And then something magical happened. Donny freaked out again. He turned tail and ran back into the house, arms flailing.

Still running.

And running….he didn’t even care that his arm went clean through the door.

Running, running, running….all the way into their bedroom where the baby was. He didn’t stop freaking out until he picked up his son for the first time, whom (thanks to the random name generator this game has) I named Rylan.

While he snuggled, bounced and cooed the heck out of baby Rylan……Zoe was still standing on the curb. For no reason at all. Not sure how long she was out there, but it was a while. Lol.

When she finally came back inside, she didn’t even touch Rylan….just laid down and took a nap. As usual. My god, this woman and her cat naps. Though I guess this one was well deserved, lol. Poor thing. So I just let her sleep some. Too bad the baby started screaming less than an sim hour later and woke her up again. Ahhh, the joys of parenthood.


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