Winklecheek 1.2: I Can Make You Love Me

Alright, it’s been a while since my first post, which really sucks, but life blindsided me for a while and I haven’t had a chance to get any quality Sims4 time in. But that’s changed now, and I’m struggling to catch up with everything! I’ll try and get as many chapters done as I can so I can play again without forgetting too much, lol. And for this chapter’s title, I actually googled stalker movies and picked one from a list. Haha. Figured it was fitting. Anyway!

“Humble Beginnings” Chapter ended with Zoe being a serious stalker-face to poor Donny, showing up wherever he was no matter what time or place (she must not work, maybe being Donny’s stalker was her full time job? Meh, who knows). She kept on stalking him and I figured….you know what? I really like her (despite her stalker-tendencies) and she has a really good relationship with Donny, so why not try and toss out a few romantic interactions and see how it goes?

I had no idea how she’d react, their friendship bar was a little over half full and Donny hadn’t even attempted a flirt with anyone yet, so I braced myself for bad, bad things to happen. I have another Sim in a completely unrelated game that tried to flirt with at least 6 different Sims, and almost every single one failed. So I didn’t have high hopes for Donny, here.

I tried a bunch of normal socials first, hoping to get their friendship a little higher before I had Donny toss some flirts her way. At first she seemed unreceptive, even looked like she was yawning in the middle of their conversation…

And then Donny took the lead and threw out a bunch of flirt socials on his own. Apparently he knew what I was trying to do! Is it just me or are Sims waaaaaay smarter in this game than in S3? Luckily….Zoe seemed to like whatever Donny was selling, because all of a sudden….everything Donny did on his own, she was receptive to. How his flirts differed from mine, I have no idea! But all of the ones I controlled fell flat. >.>

Either way, it was working, which was definitely a good thing. Donny was getting older and I realized I was taking too long to start the next generation. I’d been working on his job and trying to get some promotions to get him off the lawn, but his Young Adult age bar was already almost half full and time was ticking! So I decided to take a shot and send them both on a date. I choose Oasis Springs’s bar and sent the two on their merry little way. When the lot loaded, they literally stood in the middle of the street like this! ^^

They hadn’t even moved and were already full of flirty faces and gestures. Donny even winked! Serious lols were had. At least this seemed like a good start.

I was curious to see what they’d do on their own without any control from me (since apparently I’m a buzzkill to their flirting?) and let Donny do whatever he wanted to do. Everything was going great for a while, within no time at all their friendship bar was almost full and their romantic one had a nice start….until Zoe did something a little…..strange.

She walked away from Donny, further down the street, turned around…..and waved… him….??? It was the weirdest thing ever, lol. At first I thought she was leaving and sort of panicked. Their date hadn’t even started yet (they didn’t even go inside!) and already she was trying to bail out? Noooooot good. Zoe was messing with my emotions. Not only was Donny not getting any younger, but I had no idea how old Zoe already was. I’ve heard many stories about the Sims being close to elder status by the time they married and moved in….and I’d already pretty much decided on these two getting married and popping out a couple of kids….and she attempted to walk out on their first date. No, just no. I sent Donny running down the street as fast as his little Sim legs could carry him (which wasn’t that fast, I don’t think they have “Run Here” option anymore? Unless I missed it…) and thankfully she stopped walking and awaited his social interactions. It was enough to keep her on the lot, at least. Wonder if she really would have left? No idea, but I wasn’t taking any chances!

I decided to flirt the heck out of them and tried to fulfill as many as the date aspirations as I could, so if she did decide to leave, at least they would have a semi-decent date. Not sure why but I love taking photos of these two. I kept getting really nice ones of them just standing together.

They took a selfie, which was beyond adorable (I wish we could save them and hang the photo on the wall like in S3)…Zoe is so pretty and I kept accidentally taking amazing shots of her when I was aiming for Donny. Lol.

It didn’t take long before their romance bar was nearly full. Thank god it’s so much easier to fill both bars in S4….filling that single bar in S3 was a nightmare sometimes. Took forever and a half. :S But I was pretty excited since they hit it off so well, and with very little direction on my part. I figured it was in the bag and that wedding bells were in their (very) near future.

Can I just say that the “Make A Move” flirt is so cute? I love how they giggle and kind of snuggle at the end of it. The interactions in S4 are so much better than in S3, such a difference. They seem much more fluid this time and more realistic. Could just be me, but I adore the new socials and their animations. So…after a bit of talking outside the bar on a bench, I decided to send both of them inside for a change of scenery.

The date was still in full swing when they shared their first kiss and Zoe seemed to really like it, lol. The memories of their failed-flirtation at the local library was long forgotten…..until…

She started rejecting him out of nowhere. Everything had been going so well, flirts were being tossed left and right and they were full of smiles and giggles and then BAM. Suddenly she wasn’t havin’ any of it and their relationship took a hit. I’m not entirely sure why or what happened…I’m realizing now in hindsight maybe I should have checked their buffs for some inkling as to what was going on, but alas. Either way, Donny was really embarrassed and Zoe seemed amused by that. Poor, poor Donny was mortified.

So I of course let them do their own thing for a Sim hour or so and then sent them onto a couch, trying to rekindle their romance in an effort to save this date that’s apparently all over the place. First she stalks him everywhere, they are good friends, he flirts, she says no, he flirts again and she’s all over it, lots of fun times are had then she rejects him again. My god, this woman is fickle. LOVE HIM ALREADY. I had Donny Make A Move again, since it went so well before, and he tickled her some ….. and before I knew it everything was on track again.

I had Donny do a few more flirty socials (with my fingers crossed the entire time) and once again, Zoe was into it. I wish that girl would make up her mind. :S I had them share another kiss and everything was hunky dory. They even filled out relationship both bars to the max. So, again, I was hopeful. But there was no way in hell I was going to have him propose on this date. That would have been a nightmare full of rejections and a hurt little Legacy simmie. :S I no longer trusted Zoe, lol and the date only managed to land a bronze metal. Darnit. I’m not surprised, though!

The next Sim day I sent them on another date. I was determined to get them a gold metal before he proposed. I doubt it’ll make a difference, but either way…..I was going to get that gold metal no matter what craziness Zoe decided to throw Donny’s way. That fickle, fickle woman. When they arrived on the lot, Donny…..didn’t look pleased. Seriously, look at that face. Look at that body language. His inner monologue is totally “OH NOOOOO…NOT AGAIN….” Too bad, Donny. Tooooooo bad. She’s going to be the mother of your children whether you like it or not. :S It’s too late to turn back now! I dunno, she looked pretty intrigued, though.

Their second date destination was the art gallery in Willow Creek. I let Donny do his own thing again, in fear that any romantic socials by me would once again end in disaster. They didn’t even go inside until the date was nearly over, just stayed out on the sidewalk, flirting, laughing and generally having a good time.

Somehow the date managed to secure a gold metal and I was veeeery happy about that. I worked those two to the bone on that date and had them complete every challenge the date threw at them. It was really late when they finally went home (or rather, Donny returned to his lawn) and I figured I’d send them out to the park the next day and try for a proposal, assuming everything went well enough.

Not gonna lie. I was nervous. Not just for poor Donny, but for the entire legacy. Like I’ve said before, Donny was getting older and I was afraid Zoe would turn him down, and if she turned him down enough times….I’d have to start all over with another woman. And there wasn’t a whole lot of time left for that. So I had Donny lay it on thick. Reaaaaly thick. So thick that they were literally the only two Sims in Willow Creek. Everyone else was dead to them as they spent time together at the park. I couldn’t afford to let either of them be distracted….by anything.

It wasn’t long before Donny was “Very Flirty” and had Zoe wrapped around his little finger for a change. She was miraculously receptive to everything. Thank. God.

And I mean everything.

So I had Donny go for it. And I swear I crossed my fingers, arms, feet and my toes for this one. :S

Donny looked hopeful. And I silently prayed. Because if she rejected him, I swear to god…

Success! Trust me, I was surprised. I was so sure she’d say no and break his little simmie heart, but remarkably, she said yes and was pretty happy over his big-ass rock. Seriously, how’d he afford that thing? He can’t even afford walls…and that thing practically has it’s own zip code.

The ring bugged out, so you can’t see it in the first photo even though she’s supposedly wearing it. But both were very happy and I gave them a few sim hours to run around the park and do their own thing for a while. I was debating having a big wedding with a dress and everything, but the wedding party is $1,000 and Donny sure as heck can’t afford that. So that was out.

I swear, don’t these two pictures look like they should be on a magazine cover or something? Lol. Hilarious. I was a little worried when she jumped into his arms, though, considering he’s the walking, talking equivalent of a human toothpick. I was sure he’d drop her and was actually hoping to see it happen (for giggles) but he didn’t. Shame, really. But still adorable.

And then Zoe did something a little startling. Good….but startling. After she was done romancing her now fiancee, she ran over to the kids area and watched a bunch of kids play. Creepily. She just stood there. And watched. Think that’s a sign that she wants babies? If it is, I know I’m game. Gotta get this next generation started sometime! But….I still needed to wait at least a few Sim days. Considering Donny couldn’t even afford anything kid-related, or…..anything, really. >.>

I knew she wasn’t going to come with any money. At all. But a short time later I had them marry quietly by the pond. That fish totally ruined it. No one came because he couldn’t afford a wedding party…no one knew, heck, I don’t even think any sims around even noticed. But I was happy, because now I could finally get started.

Since this is long enough already, I’ll end this here. Hope you enjoyed the second chapter!


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