Sims 3 – Perfects Genetic Challenge

I discovered the “Perfect Genetics Challenge” a few days ago and finally decided to give it a go and see how far I can get before S4 arrives. I’ve been away from the game for years….only started playing again in the last week or so and was on the hunt for a challenge to get me playing again with a goal in mind. I only have the first 3 expansions, sadly, so I don’t have any super-cool fairies, seasons, pets, etc …. but I’m still having fun!

Anyway. I started my Perfect Genetics Challenge legacy with a female founder. Her name is Cerise Blush. I choose pink eyes and hair with white highlights and I plan on having all the kids be named with a “Pink” theme of some kind, but that will probably be difficult to keep up with. Haha. Her traits are Dislikes Children, Natural Cook, Green Thumb, Vegetarian, Hopeless Romantic and Great Kisser.

When I placed her into her new house, I honestly wasn’t sure what to do with her in regards to her future husband….if I should just place a Sim I knew I liked into her house or find someone in the town. I went with someone from town in order to avoid more loading screens (lol) and sent her to all sorts of parks and different community areas in the hopes that she would meet someone I would at least be tolerant of. In the end, I had two choices that I thought were decent. I ended up using a cheat to allow me to edit both in CAS to see if I could fix them up decently.

But it was clear from the moment she met both of them, which she actually preferred….and his name was Reshay Womack. They began flirting almost immediately and I thought he was pretty interesting looking. Figured if nothing else, he’d be an interesting addition to the gene pool.

And he seemed to feel the same way.

So that was off to a good start! Only their first date was a little bit….awkward. I sent them to one of the restaurants around town and once they exited, he decided he was going to sneak up on her and give poor Cerise a good scare….and the whole time, he was thinking of….Teddy Bears? *scratches head*

Needless to say, she wasn’t exactly thrilled by his childish behavior. Though he did look quite pleased with himself.

I tried to get their relationship up as quick as I could, especially after reading a bunch of the posts in this thread about how difficult it was to get an heir. So I figured they needed to try for a baby as quickly as possible on the chance that it would take a half a dozen babies before the right one came along.

And as luck would have it, the first time they tried resulted in a pregnancy. I also purchased the fertility reward prior so I had my fingers crossed. Considering they were about to start a family together, I thought perhaps Cerise should pop the question. Their relationship bar was only a little over half full (I think?) at the time, so I wasn’t sure how it would go. I love how the men act when they are proposed to. They practically squeal, lol. Not exactly manly but, he accepted nonetheless.

I had them marry indoors, nothing fancy…no one was there. I think I might actually make it a bigger deal with their heir, but for these two I kept it simple. Poor girl didn’t even have a dress!

Reshay is a Natural Cook, Virtuoso, Vegetarian and Green Thumb. It wasn’t until after they married and he moved in when I realized exactly what his last trait was. Cerise knew most of them….all except one, which actually made sense after I thought about it. Childish. It’s been so long since I’ve played that I didn’t recognize the behaviors of the trait beforehand, but afterwards….yeah. He’s definitely childish. Especially after I set up the baby room and couldn’t pry him away from that stupid dollhouse long enough to do much of anything else…or the mirrors in the house and on various community lots.

For having the “Dislikes Children” trait, Cerise sure does spend a lot of time in her rocking chair in the nursery! Her pregnancy was pretty uneventful, Reshay was at work and missed the whole thing, so she ended up having a home birth all by herself. :S

It was twin girls! I can’t stand babies (plus I have some bad CC I can’t seem to find that bugs the heck out of them) so I aged them as quick as I could to toddlers. Blossom (with pigtails) was born first and has the correct hair, but her eyes were all wrong. They are brown, like her father’s….so that was a bust. As far as traits go, she is Neat and a Heavy Sleeper. I didn’t have high hopes for the next kid when I realized she was having twins and figured I’d go through a few pregnancies before I got lucky. Turns out….I was being pessimistic. The second girl, whom I named Fuschia….grew to have the correct hair and eyes! I was completely stunned….and was thankful that at least the first generation wouldn’t make me want to stab things. But I was a little uncertain on her features when I was fixing her hair….both definitely took after their father with most of their looks, which made me a little bit sad. While I like Reshay, I was really hoping to have an heir that really resembled the mom because I think she’s crazy gorgeous for a Sim. But…her traits are Perfectionist and Brave.

The more I played them, the more I realized just how adorable Fuschia actually seemed to be. Blossom was adorable too, but I was more concerned with my potential heir, haha. I was still a little unsure on her though, and thought I’d try one more time for a second heir and Cerise was once again pregnant only a few days after the twins became toddlers, which was probably a little bit of a mistake in hindsight…

Fuschia turned out to be the quieter one of the two. She rarely cried unless she *really* needed something and was generally content and stayed near the nursery. While Blossom on the other hand….

Screamed her head off at every opportunity and crawled all over the ground floor of the house. Half the time I didn’t even know where she was and would have to select her to figure out where she’d crawled off to. It was such an annoyance when she really needed something and she was nowhere to be found, lol.

Now….I don’t recall in any of my previous Sim families….ever having a Sim with the “Dislikes Children” trait because that’s the one thing about Sims I really adore. Generations. Kids. Seeing them grow up and how they change….how much they look like their parents, etc. So I was fully expecting Cerise to not really care for the kids, or to complain all the time when I forced her to do something with them. Nope. Not even close. More often than not, she would go…on her own…to play with them or care for them if they needed something. Despite not wanting children (and getting that blasted moodlet all the time), she sure turned out to be a really good mother. Far better than I was expecting!

Reshay turned out to be a pretty decent parent, too. He works odd hours sometimes so he’s usually out of the house and stressed when he gets back, but he does love playing with his kids. Unless the computer is nearby, anyway. Then it’s sports games until he practically passes out from exhaustion. *Shakes head*

No real commentary on these two photos. I just realized I rarely take pictures (or rather, good pictures) of Reshay and figured I should toss at least one good one of his face in here somewhere.

Anyway, I just really love these two kids and wished there were interactions between toddlers….besides the coloring/block table. I do like how they chat with each other while playing with it, though. But still, I wished they could hug or snuggle or…something. Oh, well.

And then Hibiscus! I know, weird name….but it’s a pink flower that sounded semi-manly so I went with it! Lol. But in all seriousness…..this kid… so completely hands down precious. AND. The shocking part? He’s heir potential. He has the right eyes and hair. I honestly didn’t expect to get another one, even though I hoped I would. But omg. The preciousness of this little guy. His traits are Eccentric and Clumsy.

I kind of love him. And it was almost instant. So….I’m pretty sure he’ll end up the heir, but I still have hopes for Fuschia and her cuteness potential. I don’t know. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see when they are teens or something…

Meanwhile, I’ll just take a bazillion pictures of their little boy while I decide. He’s so playful though, Fuschia will just sit and play with her feet (and pick her nose) and doesn’t really play with toys much unless I steered her towards them. Blossom loves following her parents around the house and discovering every nook and cranny of their place….but Hibiscus? He loves his toy chest and the activity table like nothing else. Everytime I pan over to him he has a different toy out…and the parents are constantly picking up the sea of toys from the floor because he apparently has play with each and every one of them. That alligator (I think that’s what it is?) with the pink bow is hands down his favorite, though.

Cerise though…practically never lets go of this kid. She’s constantly around him or rocking him in the chair in the nursery. Which is pretty surprising to me because I’m not even making her do it. Lol. Every morning, he’s the first thing she takes care of, even before her own needs. I think it’s pretty sweet, honestly.

A few days after he was born, it was the girl’s birthday…so I tried to get a few really nice shots of all three toddlers before they aged up. And my god…having three toddlers in the house, even for a short amount of time, was crazy town. I usually don’t have more than two at any given time and three was chaos until I got a schedule down.

Fuschia spent her last moments as a toddler playing house with her baby brother, lol.

The girls aged up to children and I fixed them the best I could. I don’t have too much CC, especially for kids…so their hair is a little lack luster but I think it’s cute enough. Both aged with scary randomized traits. Blossom got Neurotic and Fuschia snagged the Insane trait. Lmao. Oh boy. Combined with a childish dad, I can only pray that Hibiscus doesn’t get anything really horrible to try and balance out the maddness!

Right before I shut the game down, Reshay came home a gigantic ball of stress. Cerise gave him a massage to try and get the knots out….and it seemed to do the trick, at least enough so that he could help Fuschia with her first homework assignment without a big hit to his fun.

Anyway. That’s where I stopped so far….haha. My god this was long. Clearly I missed playing the Sims, and I apologize for the long read if anyone bothered to get this far. It was fun playing and fun putting together (even if it took forever). Until next time!


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